The Chamooo Theory was a collective exhibition organized in Marrakech at the David Bloch Gallery in December 2011. This event on art and creativity, designed to be a meeting between the East and the West, invited ten contemporary artists – half coming from France and the other half from Morocco_ who were subjected to stage Chamooo, giving an off-the wall humoristic & ironic version of a typical western symbol: a hunting trophy. The result is ten very personal works of art questioning the mainstream values of  global aesthetics. Culture shock becomes enlightening, it is an asset, when one accepts to see the world through the eyes of another.

CHAMOOO Sculptures, L.71 x W. 45x H.80 cm, resin.

Guest artists: O’Clock , Minka, Alexone, Morran, Mist, Tanc, Hassan Hajjaj, Mohamed Melehi, Sebastien Preschoux, Noureddine Chater.

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