Clichés can hastily simplify or exagerate facts but there is always some truth in it… A preconceived idea is always an interesting starting point to discover the complexity of who the other is. That is what started Le Petit Mouloud, a philosophical tale written by Younes Duret in 2005 for his final major project. Choosing the theme of the Souk (arabic market), the author, raised in a mixed cross-cultural background, desmantles a western cliché that stresses that souk is only chaos, noise and disorder. In a different time and space dimension, the souk proves to be a place of economical logistics with specific codes, revolving around conception, formalization and selling. From page to page, through the eyes of a child, the souk is reconsidered as an orderly mess, where not organized means a style. Going further than analysing a social system, Le Petit Mouloud possesses all the seeds of the creative process of Younes Duret’s work who inspires himself from his observations of daily life to reveal new interpretations of reality and encourage mutual respect, communication and exchanges of ideas between the east and the west.

LE PETIT MOULOUD, How to escape form the obvious with curiosity. Preface by Khalid Jamaï, 90 pages, also available in eBook (PDF)

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