of our electricity consumption from renewable energy.

First eco-friendly Design agency

aware of the environmental challenges, We integrate sustainable development into our company. This is from the first design phase of the creative process of the designer’s work. Indeed, our design agency is now powered by electricity produced by solar energy, a 100% renewable resource.

furthermore, the studio gives priority to suppliers of local raw materials. It also strives to apply a sustainable development approach through its collaborations, and sees to it that the implemented manufacturing process has a minimum negative impact on the environment. For example, this concern translates into stimulating thought, together with our partners, in order to optimize the use of materials and minimize manufacturing waste in particular. The “Fine Lalla” collection is an example of the use of eco-design. Each piece of furniture is made of natural untreated and unvarnished wood. In addition, these same parts are removable, giving priority to repairing instead of wasting.

Owners of several 3D printers, we produce prototypes and objects made from corn starch recognized as a bio-plastic. Creations such as “warehouse 421” or “Zelli Man” were designed with this biodegradable material.

Hence, the Younes Duret Design seal affixed to each manufactured piece guarantees a high quality, ethical, fair, and environmentally responsible production.

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Younes Duret Design

Design and Manufacturing

For almost ten years, Younes Duret Design has been accompanying industrialists, professionals and private individuals in their desire to create and develop new products. Younes Duret Design intervenes in global design, product design, and spatial design. Far from being a mere aesthetics exercise, the design approach implemented over this past decade has triggered innovations that have enabled the Younes Duret Design studio to stand out in the national and international market. However, among all the projects that were formalized, many would never have come into existence without the assistance of professionals who are passionate about what they do.

The transformation of an intention into an object or a space is indeed oftentimes the fruit of a meeting between our studio and a specialist or craftsman, and sometimes even an artist. Through its various creative episodes, our studio was often led to establish many exchanges and to forge close links with the best technicians and craftsmen in Morocco, each excelling in their specialty.

In terms of collaboration, every workshop is a true playing field in which exchanges and creativity are expressed through working with materials and experimenting with various techniques. Whether it’s for a one-of-a-kind piece or a limited edition, the time we dedicate to research and creating every prototype reflects a common passion for materials and innovation, as well as, and especially a commitment to a job well done.

In fact, regardless of the know-how or technologies that are used, every professional or trade that the Younes Duret Design studio works with is subject to a careful selection based on integrity and professionalism, as well as a detailed description of the partner organization.


Team made up of technicians passionate about their work. Professional and energetic, they are constantly in contact with our clients in order to find the best solutions available for their demands and accompany them on every step of their project.



Younes Duret Design is an agency of research and consultation in design which covers product design, digital and graphic design (reworking of the brand, corporate identity and the web…) and environmental design (architectural and interior design, communication, scenography…).



For all your personal and professional projects, Younes Duret and his team will give you the most appropriate solutions to make them practical, appealing, innovative, original and most of all marketable… in other words : Unique