In the toys range, Younes Duret is happy to introduce the Zelliman! Shining and playful, this collector’s piece is an action figure made in recycled organic plastic and was created through 3D print experiments. It renews the designer toys concept with a taste of fantasy and a sense of humor, proudly praising its nationality! Although this art toy was born in Asia ten years ago, it finds its roots in arabic culture. Baboosh slippers and gandoura outfits, fantasia rifles and oversized head in Zelli bookshelf shape, this character has definitely a moroccan personality. Considering its success, it also turned into an icon for the new generation in Morocco that owns a rich cultural heritage but is confident in the future and so creative with its own interpretation of today’s global esthetics.

Art toy Zelliman made in 3D print in organic recycled plastic.
15.6 cm Ht x 9.5 x1.5 cm F. 15 color blueprint: black, pink, green, neon green, purple, red, gray, white, yellow, red, orange, crystal blue, blue, gold or silver.

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